Child parenting: The biopsychosocial ways to be a good parent to your children.

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Parenting refers to the multi dynamic Processes of raising and educating a child from birth until adulthood. while a child refers to a person who has not yet attain the level of majority whether on the natural basis of puberty, cultural initiation or legal accountability. Child parenting therefore connotes the ways in which children are brought up so as fit into the societal values, conformity to the norms of the society and to be a representative of the society through the family at demand.
Child parenting
Child parenting isn’t as easy as contemporary fresh couples think it is. Child parenting isn’t just about having the money to nurture a child, its not just about leaving in the biggest estate and conducive environment. Child parenting encompasses the social, physical, and mental assessment and management of a child needs. The Biopsychosocial ways of child parenting present child development as a product of the ongoing interaction between the child biological and psychological needs and abilities on the one hand, in addition with the social expectations and demands on the other hand. 
Here are the methods of being good parents to children with the understanding of the biopsychosocial demands
1. Providing socialization experience to the child
Socialization experience refers to the process of child learning on how to live in a way acceptable to his/her own society. It is the act of interacting with others, of being social. It involves the process through which a biological being become a social being within the context of the society. Provision of proper and adequate socialization experience to the child on the society’s values will culminate into good breed of children. 
Providing socialization experience to the child
2. Expression of parental love and care to children
Parental love is a profound caring affection towards children. It is commonly said that parent’s love is not easily shaken. Expression of this kind of love and care to the child will make him/her to have a sense of belonging, to feel among, concern and supported from within the family. In addition, children with certain disabilities or sickness should not be abandoned or forsaken for them not to feel helpless and suicidal. They were brought to into this world not by themselves but by their parents, therefore they deserve as much love as other children.
Expression of parental love and care to children
3. Adequate nutritional provision
Nutrition is the organic process by which a child assimilates food and uses it for growth and maintenance is important for proper brain development and physical growth. Adequate nutritional provision by the parent to a child will increase the social bond existing in-between them. This can mostly be seen in an infant, being firmly attach to whom provide his/her daily food and understand his/her language when hungry. 
Adequate nutritional provision
4. Proper sanctions and instructions when necessary
It’s an understatement to assume that children understand nothing and should be left alone when they do something wrong. A child should be properly instructed with love and sanctioned with understanding of whatever wrong they have committed base on it’s gravity. This is because their mentality will work along that line which will serve as the foundation of their future decisions and actions. Many cases of adult deviance that exist in the news nowadays are as a result of parents failing in their parental roles of correcting and sanctioning the immoral things done by the children. So being a good parent, you should be able to know when to reward your child for good act and also know when to caution a child for a negative behavior.
Proper sanctions and instructions when necessary
5. Do not be hostile to your spouse in the presence of your child.
According to a philosopher (John Locke), children are born with a blank slated mind. In other words, they get to personality build-ups as a result of the kind of environment they find themselves. Also they are quicker to get things registered in their memory unlike adults who easily forget things. As regards to these facts, being hostile with your spouse while your children witness such hostilities will be a very big disadvantage to the development of those children. When children grow up in a family that not in peace and harmony, they will begin to imitate and exhibition characteristics of such hostile environment towards their peers. This will gradually make a child develop a weak and bad quality personality which will eventually make the child a delinquent adult.
Do not be hostile to your spouse in the presence of your child


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