Care of Mother and Baby while Pregnancy

If you are reading this, probably you have conceived successfully. Well, Congratulations for that first. 
Now, it is the time for prenatal care the care of baby and mother during pregnancy, to ensure the development and delivery of a healthy baby. This attention along with the precautions will help the child grow psychologically, physically and anatomically normal, even after the delivery.
Care of Mother and Baby while Pregnancy
The First Step to a Healthy Baby Development
The first significant thing is to get an appointment with a specialist who through various tests, examinations, observations, and your medical history, will outline to you every possible risk and the precautions to take. 
You will be tested for blood pressure abnormalities, blood sugar imbalance, over or under weight problems, cervical cancer risk, a bacterial infection in urine, protein levels, infectious and sexual diseases, blood count, and blood type. 
You can get an appointment for Dr Vijaydeep Kaur, IVF specialist and gynaecologist, who has several years of experience of carrying out numerous successful pregnancies. 
The First Step to a Healthy Baby Development
Precautions & Guidelines to follow during your pregnancy
Eat a healthy and balanced diet
Make fruits and green leafy veggies a part of your daily diet. For a good fibre content, go for whole grain varieties of bread, rice and pasta. 
Include dairy products like milk, yogurt and cheese, and Protein-rich servings of eggs, fish, nuts, beans and pulses.
Stay well-hydrated by drinking 8-9 glasses of fluid/day that includes, water, milk, and fresh fruit juices.
Do Light Exercise Regularly
Exercise helps you by boosting your mood, keeping your posture correct, avoiding the risk of hypertension, and also reduces your pain during labour and birth.
You can go for a brisk walking, yoga, swimming, Pilates and can also join aqua natal classes. Stay away from activities having a risk of falling and putting extra pressure on your body joints.
Stop Drinking Alcohol
Alcohol inflicts severe trauma to the baby’s growth and development resulting in birth-defects and learning difficulties. It can also cause fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) in the newborn baby.
The first and third trimester is particularly significant as drinking during the first trimester can even cause miscarriage whereas, in the third trimester, the heavy drinking can be the reason for an inefficient development of baby’s brain.
Stop Smoking Right away
Since, your baby is a part of you and its developmental process is quite sensitive, smoking highly risks your baby to sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), low birth-weight complications, premature birth and still birth.
Moreover, there can also be the complications like miscarriage, placental abruption and Ectopic pregnancy. 
Pare down Your Caffeine Intake
In taking caffeine over 200mg may increase your chances of miscarriage. The caffeine is prominently a constituent of coffee, tea, chocolates, energy drinks and cola.
Experts even suggest that too much caffeine can even lead to a low birth-weight baby. The effect is intense during the first trimester. It is, therefore, reasonable to drink fruit juices and fruit teas instead.
Take Sufficient Rest and Work Less
You can experience the fatigue problem during the initial pregnancy months due to the surge in hormones. The problem intensifies further due to your frequent visits to the loo making for your sleepless nights.
Quick naps during the day and going to bed early can help you with this problem.
Back pain is also a common thing due to ongoing physiological changes in your body. Fix this trouble by lying on the left-hand side with bent knees. Place a pillow under the bump. Exercise, alternatively, can also help with the back pain.
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