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According to Dr. Risha Nahar – Child Specialist Doctor in Hyderabad Explains Proper breastfeeding is not a simple matter especially for first time mothers. So there are positions to have a Proper breastfeeding, which can help breastfeed much milk without choking and makes mother comfortable.
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Check the List of Proper Posture for Breastfeeding
Mother lying on her side
This is the position that many mothers make because they will gain more milk in this position. When breastfeeding in this position, she lies parallel to the baby, then puts the baby next to her, then grabs her head to her breast to feed.
This is the mother position is which is most comfortable so that mother easily fall asleep too. If mother sleeps without pulling her nipple out of baby’s mouth, it may fall on baby’s nose and lead to severe suffocation.
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So, when doing this type breastfeeding position, the mother must be alert to watch the baby, ensure safe breastfeeding, only sleep when the baby is pulled out of her mouth.

Posture type sleep
When done with this breastfeeding position, it is best for the mother to sit on a soft chair with a handrail, then hold the child in a horizontal position, support the baby’s head on the elbow. A lightweight pillow can be added to the mother’s womb for support. The baby’s head is firmly supported, the baby is tilted to the mother and guide feeding the baby as usual.
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This is the position that breastfeeding helps mother relax effectively, moreover she can be more sober when breastfeeding that milk intake is quite a lot, not breast posture on the side.
Horizontal position
Mom should spread a pillow on the abdomen then put her on the pillow so baby face is equal to the breast and so that both mother and baby are most comfortable. Next, the mother uses her arms and the right hand to support her back and buttocks while holding her baby’s head as she feeds her, so she does not fall behind her head, making her feel safe.

For The first time to mother will be a little difficult to do this posture, but gradually she will feel more simple and comfortable. This position is suitable for the big mother will find it easier. The posture of this breastfeeding mother needs to be cleverer than the other postures.
Posture for the mother with cesarean section
Caesarean section is often painful and the transference is more difficult. With caesarean mothers can breastfeed with the following posture: 
Keep the baby on one side of the mother’s breast, at this time the elbow should ensure the fulcrum of the head of the baby. At this point, the mother’s palm should hold the head to the neck and attention to the head and guide the mother to breastfeed. If you want to be comfortable for both mother and baby it is best to put a pillow in the mother’s womb.
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This posture is not only done for mothers who have a caesarean section, but also for mothers who have larger breasts and for twin mothers to have conditions for two suckles at the same time.
The above are 4 positions to breastfeed properly and most used by mom to give her a comfortable breastfeeding position and she is also very comfortable when sucking, not choking milk. Hopefully this article will give the mother the best knowledge to take care of the healthy baby.


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