Benefits of Massage for Babies

baby massage
Benefits of Massage for Babies Video

It is not necessary to take a technical course to apply the massage to the baby. Mother’s instinct will tell you how to massage your baby. You can begin to massage the baby from the first month of life and prolong it until desired.

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The massage consists of orienting yourself simply by a direction and a sequence of movements according to the age you have. In addition, to be effective you have to put two basic ingredients: tenderness and delicacy. By providing pleasure to your child, you will be benefiting the relationship between the two; is a way to communicate directly with him.
Massage is very beneficial for the baby. It makes you a healthy baby in all aspects. All babies, without exception, can be massaged. This activity can develop motor coordination more quickly and increase muscle reactions, as well as favor the baby being more receptive and reacting better to the space around him.

Massage for babies

It is advisable to have a massage daily, always after or before the bath and in a warm and closed environment; If it is summer you can do it outdoors whenever you make sure the baby does not catch cold. There may be soft background music to facilitate interaction.

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First, sit on the floor with your legs straight, your back straight and your shoulders relaxed. Cover your legs with the towel or raincoat you normally wear for your baby. Take the baby naked and lay him on the towel in a position where the two can look. Grease your hands with a natural oil or with the cream that you usually use to moisturize the baby and give him a minute of your gaze towards him. Then the massage begins.

Benefits of massaging your baby

1. Helps regulate and strengthen respiratory, circulatory and gastrointestinal functions. Through stimulation, you can control the discomforts caused by colic, gas and constipation, and discomfort from the first teeth.
2. It helps the baby to relax and relieves him of the stress and blockages that he encounters daily with new things.
3. It helps to intensify effective communication between the baby and the people in the environment, facilitating non-verbal communication.
4. Helps stimulate the immune system and promotes a better development of the nervous system.
5. Helps increase baby’s self-esteem.
6. Help the baby have a calmer, deeper sleep.
7. Helps to increase the baby’s effective contact with his parents through touch, look, skin, smile, sounds, hugs, caresses, smell and stimuli. The massage will transform the baby into a healthy child in all aspects.
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Massage is very suitable for premature babies

The massage is suitable for all babies, especially those who are in the incubator or subjected to mechanical ventilation. In this case, the massage cannot be done in its entirety, but it does what one can and already is. It will be very beneficial for premature babies who are in this situation.
It will be favorable for both babies and their parents as it provides a form of emotional and physical contact and communication between the two. The experience is very gratifying for both of us; you will see how the baby will respond positively and will be much happier because it has been touched and massaged by his parents.
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