Baby’s first day at home

How to Change Baby Diaper
After the birth and spending a few days in the hospital, where the baby and the mother could count on all the support and medical attention, it is time to go home, and this time carrying a baby.
It is normal for parents, especially first-time parents, to have doubts, fears and concerns about baby care and the new family reality. That usually happens in the early days of the baby at home.
Baby's first day at home
How to Care for a Baby
The baby is at home, and now what? This feeling of disorientation is normal in parents during the baby’s first few days at home. Apart from feeding, bathing, curing the navel and changing the baby’s diaper, you have to know him, know why he cries, when he is hungry or sleep, and to communicate with him. Everything seems difficult at first, but after a few days, everything will continue and the parents will not remember the days they were without their baby.
For parents to live this stage in peace and enjoy their baby and their fatherhood, and to know the baby and the baby to them, it is advisable to follow some advice:
Do not rule out the help of a family member or friend, especially in the first few days with the baby. Delegating to someone the chores, errands, etc., will relax you. They may not do them the way you would like them to, but remember that the priority is now the baby.
It is advisable to limit visits. In the early days of the baby at home, it is best to keep the house from getting crowded. Ideally, if someone comes, come to help.
During the first few days, the baby will only eat and sleep. Therefore, they should take the time to rest or do the housework that apply to them.
It is necessary to plan the care of the baby and domestic chores between the couple so that neither of them feels overwhelmed.
It is important, not only the rest of the mother to favor the production of milk, but also to feed well. A good diet and hydration will also favor breastfeeding.
The cure of the baby’s navel usually lasts between 5 and 8 days. Usually, the baby is not bathed in this period, although there are mothers who are bathing the baby and drying their navel very well after bath with sterile gauze. In any case, medical guidance should be followed.
Care of the breasts is important, as it will, in many cases, be the baby’s power source. Circular massages, for example, can prevent problems such as mastitis, for example.
Stimulate the maternal bond. The more arms, the more skin-to-skin contacts, the more caresses, the better for the baby and the mother. This type of communication between the baby and his mother is essential.
Although the tasks can overwhelm you in the first few days it is important to not forget to enjoy your baby to the fullest because it is unique and special in your lives, with affection, dedication and patience.
Three Commandments for parents with Newborn Baby:
1- If you can sit, do not stand
2- If you can lie down, do not sit
3- If you can sleep, do not stay awake
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