Avoid a Weight Relapse after Weight Loss

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Everybody feels wonderful after a great achievement, right? One of the most gratifying moments is when a person has worked hard at losing weight and reaching his or her ideal weight. This celebratory mood may however be short lived should the person relax and assume that the weight will never come back.
Avoid a Weight Relapse after Weight Loss
To avoid a weight relapse, here are a few things one should keep in mind.
1. Do not stop exercising. Target to work out at least 30 to 60 minutes every day. Split these minutes and do light workouts when time is limited.
2. Do not skip meals. Skipping meals leads to increased hunger and it may cause binge eating.
3. Eats lots of fruits and vegetables. Include fruits and vegetables in all servings whenever possible.

4. Develop a habit of weighing yourself regularly. Monitoring weight constantly keeps it in check.

5. Dessert before the meal is a big No. Always eat the main meal before a treat. This helps in reducing your sweet cravings.
6. Keep portions in check. Always serve small portions and have and go for a second helping if need be.
7. Seek out chances to be active. Cleaning cars at home as opposed to driving to the car wash, walking to the store or playing with the kids in the park are simple activities that can be helpful in this journey.

8. Have family meals together. Eating together with the rest of the family members as opposed to eating in front of the TV helps in controlling how much and what people eat.
9. Always eat from a plate. Eating from a plate helps in keeping track of how much one is eating as opposed to eating from a container.
10. Variety is the spice of life. Alternate between several activities so that the body does not become resistant to a certain exercise routine.
11. Avoid stress. When people are stressed they tend to eat more. Laugh more and stay happy.
12. As they say east or west home is best, and so are home cooked meals. Plan to have home cooked meals as much as possible, and pack a lunch box for the office as well.
13. Opt for healthy snacks. Choose snacks that are low in fat, low in sugar and high in fiber. The best snacks include vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy products and fruits.
14. Begin the day with a high-fiber breakfast cereal, such as bran flakes or oatmeal. Go for cereals with “bran” or “fiber” in the name. An alternative is adding several spoons of unprocessed wheat bran.
15. Walking is a good way to burn calories and this can be done at any time especially when running errands. 
16. Making weekly meal plans and sticking to them eliminates last-minute trips to the grocery store and also minimizes impulse buys.
17. Distraction is the answer to cravings. Look for something to keep you busy when a craving and it will disappear in no time.

18. Reward Losing weight and keeping it in check is a major achievement. This success should be celebrated with nonfood rewards, such as new clothes, shoes or an excursion with friends.
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