A Quick Guide to Taking Photos of Your Children

Baby Care
Getting natural-looking photos of your little ones is tricky and, in truth, sometimes it’s downright impossible!

Kids often act up once the camera comes out, or go the complete other way and put on their cheesiest (but ultimately fake-looking) smile!

So how can you make sure you get better photos of your kids? Here are some of our top tips and tricks.

As always, timing is everything, although we don’t necessarily just mean the timing of when you press the shutter.

You need to make sure that you don’t catch your children at a time of day when they’re tired and agitated, so make sure to get your snaps when they’re well rested and well fed, rather than trying to crowbar it in while they’re cranky.

Get Down to Their Level
If you want to really get into the perspective of a child, then it’s a good idea to get down on your hands and knees with them.

Not only does it give you new angles to play with but it also helps to get the child laughing, seeing mum or dad copying them like this.

Encourage Play
If you force your child to put on a cheesy grin, it comes across as fake and doesn’t make for a great photo.

Instead, you want to capture the natural joy on the face of your little one, so what better way to keep them happy than by letting them play? One of the best tips from Filming with Kids, who specialize in getting the best out of youngsters on film sets, is to play little games with them such as peek-a-boo, leaning out from behind the camera to try and get a reaction.

Start a Conversation
Another great way to elicit a real reaction out of children is to get them talking. It can be about anything, whether it’s school, their friends or their favorite TV programme.

Whatever it is, once they get talking, you’ll get lots of genuine and funny expressions along the way!

Get Rid of Any Distractions
We all know how easily children can get distracted so be sure to remove anything which might take away their attention.

Make sure there are no toys lying around (unless you want to capture them playing with them) and make sure that it’s just you and them. If you’re really struggling, you might want to head to a professional studio!

Dress Up
Kids love dressing up at any given opportunity so feel free to incorporate this into your photo shoot!

If you’ve got a dressing up box, now is the time to raid it and you’ll soon find that the smiles will start to come naturally. Get involved yourself too if you want to really give them something to smile about! Here are some creative photo shoot ideas from CEWE Photoworld.

Fill Out the Frame
The last thing you want is to capture the perfect shot and then realise that your child is so far away that you can barely tell it’s them.

Make sure that your subject really fills out the frame and don’t be afraid to lose a little bit of their body when doing so, as you’re more likely to get a great picture that captures their expression this way.

Filling the frame is one of the oldest unwritten rules in photography, as you can see in this post from Fodor’s Travel.


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