A Guide for First Time Parents

A Guide for First Time Parents
First Time Parents
A lifestyle before being parents is totally different from when you become parents. You were more concern about your baby healthy and happy Actually, parents are not only focused you when you are baby but they protect you to guide you in complete life and only parenting is the only job that has no retirement and guiding principles. Also, parents learn time by time. All parents also visited to those relatives who have a baby to understand some tips and how to hold and care baby. Especially understand what the baby wants to say to you, it takes time and you learn when you involve with your own child.
Helpful Resources
With the new technology there are many changes in every point like now there are different classes are hold for parents which include all guidelines related to the newborn baby. Also, you can visit to your friends and cousins who have experience of a new born baby. May be your friend told you how to sleep the baby, some tricks to digest the feed and much more. Also, nurses are another resource for acknowledgement and a Google is always there for your help.

Baby Helpful Resources
Holding an Infant
All babies are very soft and physically very small and also their bones are becoming built in and strong as well as their stomach is not powerful to fight against any infection and a hard dose of medicine. You can also make sure that anyone who hold newborn also have clean hands and no other catching diseases like flu. Also, that person should know how to hold a new born baby from the neck and head side or put baby in a baby cart usually. Also, do not try to play with an infant baby because he is so small and unable to sit even properly.

Holding an Infant
Connecting With Baby
After the time when baby born is difficult for the parents to get emotionally and physical attach with your baby and also you do not know why he/she is crying and not feeding. So for that spend more time with your baby to get strong bonding and your child is also help to recognize your warm hand. Babies also response when you noise is naughty.

Connecting With Baby
Diaper Changes
We all know that new born baby are on feeding, so you also need to change diaper various time in a day. Both mom and dad should know how to change a diaper of a new born baby. Dad usually panics in that situation but it is not a hard thing. Parents should know how safely change a diaper; also make your child free of rashes and with no massive around the baby. Other thing you need during changing a diaper are a new diaper, a dustbin, a wipes and a rash protected cream nearby your baby bed so that you do not go outside and leaving your newborn child lonely. Rashes are more common in babies and it is due to long lasting diaper and a wet surface of the diaper. So elatedly change your baby diaper when you think diaper become moist.

how to change a diaper of a new born baby
How To Prevent or Settle Diaper Rash, Check These Tips:
• Always Change your baby diaper repeatedly.
• After cleaning the area with water or a wipe, use a diaper rash free cream is that place. This Creams contain zinc oxide, with the help of zinc oxide is act as a barrier against moisture.
• If you use cloth diapers, wash with a baby detergent with full of fragrance.
• Do not use diaper in day time. This will also make baby skin free from moisture.
If the rash continues for more than 3 days then, call your doctor it may be due to fungal infection that requires a prescription.
Bathing Basics
In the starting year of your baby try to give bath only two to three times in a week. If you give more bath your baby skin become too much dry. After bathing nourish your baby skin properly.

You should have these things before bathing your baby:
• A soft, clean washcloth
• Mild, neutral baby soap and shampoo
• A soft brush to rouse the baby’s scalp
• Towels or blankets
• A clean diaper
• Clean clothes

Baby Bathing Tips
Sleeping Basics
A newborn baby sleep 16 hours in a day usually. But he/she not sleeping continuously, he sleep periodically after every 2 to 4 hours. Also babies usually sleep in day time and wake up in night and also wake up their parents as well as because all new babies stomach is very small so he need feed after every 3 to 4 hours.
In the starting a three months baby may be sleep at night for 6 to 8 hours but after they grow they also disturb your sleeping hours.

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How to Wrap a Newborn Baby:
• Spread a blanket or sheet and put a baby over there.
• Then fold one side of the blanket.
• Your baby face is toward the top of the blanket and fold the other corner.
• Take one corner and put into the baby back side or under an arm of the baby.
• But do not fold blanket very tightly. Baby should able to move their body parts
• Repeat this method with other corner of the blanket
• But do not wrap when your baby become old like after 3 months. Which increase the risk of breathing problem and baby become die.
• Wash your hands before holding your baby. Newborns do not have a strong protected system as adult, so they are aspect to become infected early, also Make sure that people who hold your baby are also have clean hands.
• Be careful to support your baby’s head and neck. Support baby head when some carrying your baby and also care the baby head when someone push your baby upright or when you lay your baby down.
• Not to shake your new born baby, either in play or in frustration. Shaking a new born baby will have a worse impact on the baby body like it may cause bleeding from brain side which led to death. Do not try to shake your baby even in a play sense or to wake up your child. Also do not shake to digest the feed of the baby.
• Make sure your baby is safely fixed into the carrier, stroller, or car seat. Keep full concentration to your baby and its movements. Fix proper belt over the car seat and bay cot.
• Remember that your newborn is not ready for rough play, such as being shaken on the knee or throw into the air.
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