8 Common Health Problems You Could Face During Pregnancy

8 Common Health Problems You Could Face During Pregnancy
8 Common Health Problems You Could Face During PregnancyWhen you are pregnant, some annoying health problems will come up now and then. It is crucial to have a clear idea about which ones need immediate medical attention, and which can be relieved by some simple changes. Pregnancy is one of the most serious times for every woman. So, you should be very careful about every little aspect that comes through.
Health Problems During Pregnancy
Here is a list of the most common health problems that almost everyone faces at some point in their pregnancy.
This is the most common pregnancy health problem. Usually, it happens toward the second half of your pregnancy. However, it can also happen in the first trimester. It is accompanied by a sharp pain in your legs. Usually, pregnant women experience this problem in the middle of the night.
For preventing it, stretch your calf muscles before going to bed. In case you DO get a cramp, straighten your legs while pulling your toes back to ease the pain.
Cramps Pregnancy
Frequent Urination
During pregnancy, there is a chance that, you may feel the need of passing urine more often. This health problem will get worse as the baby grows in size. There is not much that you can do regarding this issue. However, it is a common problem during pregnancy, and it is not that serious.
This issue doesn’t require any medical attention. But if you feel scared, you can consult with your doctor. A number of women consider using adult diapers when attending any meetings or going for outdoor trips. It is wiser to drink a certain amount of water every day according to your doctor’s recommendation.
Frequent Urination
Urinary Stress Incontinence (USI) means losing bladder controls and leaking urine. It affects women the most during and after pregnancy. It can happen when you cough, laugh, jump, sneeze, run, and even lift heavy things.  This problem too, increases towards the end of pregnancy.
For prevention, you can try some pelvic floor exercises which help to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. Wearing sanitary napkin while going outside can help with the embarrassment of wetting your pants. Besides, there are some medicines and medical devices available regarding this issue. You can consult with your doctor and do according to his/her suggestion for prevention.
Incontinence during pregnancy
Indigestion and Heartburn
Indigestion or dyspepsia is just one of those problems which you will experience at some point in your pregnancy. It happens because of the hormonal changes you experience during this time. You may feel full, sick, and nauseous and usually burp after eating food.
For Indigestion, you can experience heartburn that provides strong burning pain in the chest. It happens because of acid passing from your stomach. It is another most common health issue during pregnancy.
For prevent Indigestion and Heartburn, avoid eating spicy and fatty food. Don’t eat too much at a time. If you face those problems, consult with your doctor for a secure pregnancy antacid.
Blocked Nose
This is one of the most uncomfortable health problems for any expecting mother. Almost 30 percent of women experience this rhinitis of pregnancy without any allergies or viral infection for catching a cold.
You can even bleed without any particular reason. However, you can also develop a super-sized swelled up nose. Don’t blow your nose too hard and don’t use any product without the recommendation of your doctor. Inhaling steam can also prove to be beneficial.
Blocked Nose during pregnancy
Varicose Veins
Varicose veins or swollen veins can develop in your genital area. It happens because of the hormonal changes women face during pregnancy. Your uterus will grow which will put heaviness on the large vein on the right side of your body that will exert pressure in the leg veins.
You can feel a little discomfort and also feel achy. Besides, your leg may seem heavy as well.  Lie down several times a day to relieve the pressure on the veins. Pelvic floor exercises can help as well.
Varicose Veins during pregnancy
Constipation and Hemorrhoids
Constipation is quite common during pregnancy. Almost half of the pregnant women in the USA experience constipation. It happens because of increasing hormonal progesterone. For that food goes slowly through intestines. It should treat quickly.
Otherwise, it can also lead to Hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids refer swollen blood vessels in the rectal spot. It can be itchy and mildly uncomfortable. It can cause rectal bleeding as well during a bowel movement. To prevent this, make sure your diet contains a lot of fiber. Also, drink plenty of water and ask your physician to recommend exercises for this purpose.
Constipation and Hemorrhoids during pregnancy
Almost all expecting mothers experience mild to a serious backache throughout their pregnancy. It is experienced when the ligaments start stretching and when the body starts preparing itself for the additional weight of the baby. For getting relief, try different antenatal exercises regularly, take sufficient bed rest and wear slippers. Consult with your doctor for a better solution. According to Maternity Folks, a good pregnancy support belt will give you some comfort.
Backache during pregnancy
This pretty much sums up all the possible health problems that you might face when you are pregnant. Most of these can be taken care of by following some simple steps. In case any of these seem alarming, contact your doctor or midwife to get a solution and prevent it from getting worse. Don’t be afraid. Most of the women experience those problems during their pregnancy. Stay Safe and Sound. And consult with your doctor on a regular basis.


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