8 Awesome Period Facts Everyone Should Know

8 Awesome Period Facts Everyone Should Know

Ovulation rarely occurs on cycle day 14. The day of ovulation changes from month to month and from person to person. It is affected by things like diet, exercise, stress levels and sleep habits.

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An Egg Will Die Within 24 Hours After Ovulation, unless it is fertilized. Because of this, there’s only a small window of time when a pregnancy can occur.

For Most Of Your Cycle, Sperm Can not Survive In The Vagina. Without Produced by the cervix, the vagina is too acidic for sperm to survive. Cervical fluid is secreted around ovulation and helps sperm live for up to 5 days.

Periods you have on the pill are not real periods. Bleeding on the pill is the result of your body’s withdrawal from hormones. In fact, the creators of the pill added bleeding for fear that women would find it too natural not to bleed.

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It’s Totally Normal for Your Periods not Come Like Clockwork. More often than not, your period would not come every 28 days on the dot. Cycles raining from 21 to 23 days long are all considered regular.

Accurately Predicting your period is Possible. The number of days between ovulation and your period is consistent from cycle to cycle. Monitoring your waking temperature helps you detect ovulation and predict your next period, right down to the day.

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Tracking your cycles can help uncover problems. Hormonal imbalance and reproductive disorders often manifest in the menstrual cycle length, cervical fluid secretions and waking temperature can each shed light on potential problems.

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The Color and Consistency Of Menstrual Flow Actually Means Something. Dark clotted blood or conversely, blood that looks watered down can be a sign of hormone imbalance. Look before you flush!


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