7 Way to boost Baby Brain Development

6 Smart Ways to Raise a Smarter Kid
7 Way to boost Baby Brain Development
Sing Together : Listening to and singing songs can enhance theri learning when it come to sound, rhythm, and language patterns.
Read Together : Reading to your child is not only relaxing, but can help them learn to recognize the sequence of words.
Play Peek - A - Boo : He may be laughing, but he is also learning that objects can disappear.
Educational Toys : Building blocks can help your baby learn cause and effect and if them.
Use Your hands : Play some patty-cake! Little ones respond well to sequential games.
Tech as you Eat : Two birds, one stone - feed your baby and recite the name of the food while you do. It's okay to get messy, too!
Get Messy : Which brings us to GET MESSY! water, mud, whatever - this can teach your baby about textures, tiquids, and solids.


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