7 Practical Tips on How to Avoid Getting a Dad Bod

According to the Medical Daily website, a study has shown that married men were approximately 25% more likely to be obese when they are in committed relationships. This demonstrates that the dad bod is a serious problem for millions of men across the world. If you have noticed yourself packing on the pounds since you became a dad, then this is definitely an indication that you need to watch your weight to avoid lifestyle diseases and other complications that can arise from obesity. 
Here are 7 useful tips on how you can avoid getting a dad bod:
1. Use smaller plates
Portion control is usually a major problem for most dads. This can be avoided by using a smaller plate that allows you to limit your portions. A smaller plate would accommodate a smaller amount of food. When your food portions decrease, you should be able to see an immediate improvement in your weight. 
2. Get some support
Losing weight and keeping it off is a major challenge that will require dedication and commitment. For you to reach your best potential, it is vital for you to find a support group or fitness partner who will be able to help you along the way. A little encouragement can go a long way in your journey to achieving a healthy weight. 
Many men find help in support groups online in discussion forums and social media sites. Many again take similar support from apps which helps contact similar men who are also on the same path to lose weight. Then you can exchange views, tips,and experiences. You really need to talk to likeminded people to stay positive on your weight lossapproach and keep on getting inspired. If you are not getting help or not losing as much weight as targeted, you can always share this and get to know where you are wrong from those who are already getting success.
3. Watch your snacking habits
For many overweight individuals, snacking is a serious addiction that can be quite difficult to overcome. One useful tip that you can employ is to avoid going shopping when you’re hungry. This will prevent you from buying junk food and other unhealthy snacks. That’s not all. You can always keep some frits handy which can be carried in a bag or the car. Apple, banana, and pear are some nice ones which can be carried and eaten anywhere, and they will give you a nice full stomach feeling for 30 minutes to one hour. And after that, you may go for another one. Binge eating is really bad. Fried foods and junk snack items are too bad for health and add empty calories which contributes to unhealthy fat buildup. Avoiding these foods, and concentrating on taking small portions of healthy food is the way to good health and cut on carbs.
4. Do your research
There are many different types of diets and weight loss plans available in the market. In order to find the right nutrition plan, you should research online using reliable websites such as https://www.dadquarters.com/. This website provides practical tips and expert advice that will make it easy for you to accomplish your goals finally. Different weight loss plans have different types of diet and accordingly imposes different restrictions and rules. If you do not do the research well before jumping on to start with a plan, then later you may have problems and leave a plan in between thereby affecting your schedule and wasting time and effort on it.
5. Start with small steps
Like any other activity, weight loss is a continuous process that requires you to commit to a daily routine. Start by taking small progressive steps towards health. For example, you can choose to take the stairs instead of using the elevator. You could also find a way to substitute unhealthy food with healthier options. You may stop eating foods that are made in plants or manufactured foods and instead, rely on home cooked or natural foods. You can concentrate on drinking a glass of water a few minutes prior to meals to fill the stomach and cut the hunger pang partially. If you have to move just two or three blocks ahead, then you may leave the car at parking and take a walk instead.
6. Get enough sleep
Inadequate sleep is a major problem that can really affect your health status. Experts advise that although an 8 hours sleep is ideal, in case you don’t get that, you should aim to get at least 6-7 hours of sleep each night. You should develop a regular night routine to ensure that you don’t end up sleeping too late thereby making you feel tired and exhausted the next morning. Late nights must be avoided by all means. And if you sleep early and on time, then you wake up early, and thus you can then get more hours to utilize through the day, thereby contributing to a healthy regimen, where you make time for workouts.
7. Have scheduled workouts
Perhaps you used to enjoy working out when you were younger,but right now you are struggling to psyche yourself up for the gym. Well, there is only one way for you to curb this problem once and for all. Look for a fitness club near your home and create a realistic schedule that allows you to get at least 30 minutes of intense exercise 3-4 times a week. If you are not used to exercising, then start with small steps. Get used to walking 10 minutes each day. And then gradually increase theminutes to make it 30 minutes a day. This cardio exercise will help you get into a fitness routine. Later you may add more cardio to it, like jogging, skipping, and swimming too. Tougher exercises may be added later if you wish to. Else 30 minutes of cardio through walking, skipping, jogging,etc. also works great in keeping you in shape.


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