6 Healthy Foods to Substitute Kids Junk Foods

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No Matter how tasty the junk foods is, you don’t want to invite all the health problems that come with it. Try these simple tips at home and you will see your child asking for healthy food all the time.
6 Healthy Foods to Substitute Kids Junk Foods

Choose Dry Fruits Over Candy

Substitute candies with dry fruits that your child absolutely loves. The are the right choice when it comes to satisfying your child’s sweet craving and the also provide the much needed dose of fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Give Juice in Place of Aerated Drinks

One can of soda contains almost ten tea spoons of sugar and causes cavities and dental erosions. Try serving some chilled fresh juice as it contains the goodness of fruits and will quench your child’s thirst.

Wholewheat Pizza in Place of Outside Pizza

The next time when your child demands a pizza, do not order from any of the regular food outlets. Quickly wear your chef cap and make delicious pizza wholewheat pizza dough.

Give Wholewheat Pita Chips Instead of Potato Chips

No matter how tasty chips are, the come first in the list of unhealthy food. Replace potato chips with wholewheat pita chips or baked zucchini chips.

Serve Fruits Slices in Place of Cookies

Serve your child with freshly cut fresh slices and a dessert. Fruits have natural sugar that dose the job of satisfying child’s sweet craving after dinner. Fruits are important to provide the right amount of fiber and nutrition to your child.

Buy Frozen Yogurt Over ICE Creams

If your child demands an ice cream all the time, make him happy by serving some frees frozen yogurt. Try variants in flavors and your child will always have a variety to choose from.


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