5 Things About Oral Health to Nursing Mother Should Ignore

Oral Health To Nursing Mother Should Ignore
Gynaecology anxieties the investigation and treatment of diseases of the female reproductive organs, i.e. the uterus, vagina, the external organs and the ovaries. Conditions include infections and pain as well as benign and malevolent tumours of these organs. Other common difficulties in the area of gynaecology are increased amounts of discharge, regular abdominal infections, burning or difficulty related to erotic intercourse. Andrology in men can be seen asthe complement to gynaecology in women.
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Dating to the modern day lifestyle and the increased stress that the youth takes, pregnancy complications have become a common problem amongst them. The condition can affect both the mother’s and the childs health. It can be treated with the help of counselling, medicines, surgery, controlled diet plans etc. 
Every parent wants their child to be safe, even before they are born. As soon as the mother conceives, everyone is looking after both of them, they tell them what is good and what is bad, what they should have and what not. They plan everything out, but one thing that no one pays attention too and must is the oral health. A lot of changes take place in a mothers body and her body becomes more septic to some diseases. Even the chances of oral cavity increase during pregnancy. Other common dental problems that a mother is exposed to include gingivitis, Salivary changes and melasma. 
Even after the birth of child, both the mother and child are vulnerable to infections. Listed below are 5 oral health problems that the mother must pay attention to:
1. Bottle-feeding
When the baby sucks the milk directly from the nipple, the milk goes directly to the back of their mouth. However, when the baby consumes milk from the bottle, the milk comes directly in contact with the infants tooth, exposing him to the bacteria. Kids that small don’t have full teeth, which means the gums are open to bacteria. Coming in contact with the milk is a direct exposure to such risks. To prevent such condition consider only breast feeding for a couple of months. If due to some reason you have to feed the child with the bottle, make sure you wipe their gums with soft wipe.
2. Breastfeeding can prevent crooked teeth
People who have been breastfed as an infant have very low chances have crooked teeth as an adult. 
Bottle feeding, pacifiers and thumb sucking can be really bad for the child’s tooth. The sucking can make their teeth overlapped which leaves the food stuck in the mouth even after brushing and lead to cavities later in life. Once the permanent teeth start coming, make sure to visit the dentist and get his teeth properly checked.
3. Breastfeeding is good for the mothers health
Breastfeeding gives the child all the nutrients that he needs for his body. Even for the mother, breast feeding alone can help her reduce 300-500 calories in a day. Not only weight loss, at the time of breastfeeding, the body releases hormone called oxytocins that help create a strong bond between the mother and the child. Breastfeeding also reduces the risk of ovarian and breast cancer in the mother.
4. Take only necessary and prescribed medicines
When the mother is breastfeeding, she is practically sharing every meal she intakes with her child. Same is the case for the medicines. The medicines have strong affect on us. In fact some medicines we take are harming our kidney. The infants however are more vulnerable to these medicines. Their kidneys have not developed fully and such strong medicines can be really harmful for them. 
5. Mother should pay extra attention to her oral health
The first physical contact that a baby has with his mother. If the mother is exposed to infection in her mouth, she can transfer it to her kid by simply sharing her spoon with them or even by merely kissing. 
Just brushing may not be enough. Follow a proper dental routine, brush twice a day, floss at least once everyday. Avoid using fluoride based toothpaste during that time as fluoride can be harmful for the kids. And most importantly visit a dental time to time and ensure no harm on your teeth. 
Pregnant women consume more milk, dried fruits and fruit juices given their health benefits to both the mother and the child. Very few know that all these can cause tooth decay and other such oral problems. The lack of awareness is the major cause behind poor oral health among Indians. Taking necessary precautions can prevent them from various health problems but the precautions can be taken only if they know about the risks they are exposed too. That’s why it is necessary to have proper health check ups. 
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