5 Best Habits to Get Your Peak Health

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5 Best Habits to Get Your Peak Health

Are you also excited that soon you will be celebrating the Christmas with your friends?

And once again you will have a New Year Party.
I have also started planning my resolution for this New Year.
We always have so many new things to add in it every year. Right?
But, wait. 
What happened to your resolution you made this year?
For what?
For one of the most important things of your life.
Your health. Remember?
Yes, but you never got a chance to follow it. 
Don’t worry, Better late than Never.
We will start working on your health now.
This time i have got your back.
I will share my best 5 habits with you in this article.
Keep reading if you want to improve your health.
Come On, Get Up Early in the Morning

Get Up Early in the Morning

Let me tell you something you have already listened thousands of times.
Successful people wake up early in the morning.
They start early and it helps them to manage their life and work with amazing results.
But you wake up everyday and instead of feeling freshed you feel tired.
How to not be tired?
And that does not only affect your health but it also disturbs your complete day.
But I know you hate your alarm clock.

Because it only wakes your body up but your brain is still in sleep mode.
That’s the problem.
And since it is your brain, only you can fix it.
You have to train your brain to get you up on the time you want.
That is only possible by sending the message to your brain consistently.
Start reading blogs, listening podcasts on how to get early in the morning.
Talk about getting up early with your family and friends. 
Once you follow it for some days, you will find a change in your morning.
You will have your desired results soon.

Meditation is Your Best Friend

Meditation is Your Best Friend
If you are physically fit but feel stressed, exhausted and annoying most of the time of your day then such physical health is no use for you.

You know how to build your physical muscles.

But what about your mental muscles?

Your mental health is as important as your physical health.
Because the life we are living today is filled with so much stress and negative emotions.
So one can not get well unless he is calm and connected with oneself.
Meditation helps you find a deep resource of positive energy, strength and joy within you.
As soon as you start transforming your mind, your experiences also transform.
You will start feeling the emotions and life around you better than ever and that will help your body to grow and get stronger.
Most people spend their lives in anxiety and doubt because they can never find their true selves.
Mediation does not only help you overcome these problems but also it cures you deep inside your soul.
Exercise otherwise you will lose this Game
Exercise otherwise you will lose this Game
Most of people spend average 2 to 3 hours on social media everyday.
But when you will ask them to exercise. You will get the same answer.
“I have no time.”
I can understand this that you have a lot of things to care for like your job, your children, your parents and so on.
But you have to create a balance life for yourself. 
Health should be your top priority because to fulfill your other responsibilities you will need your health.
Mahatma Gandhi once said, “It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.”
But how will you do it?
Let me tell you my secret how am i able to work out 6 hours a week?
I gave myself a reason to get up everyday and hit the gym before most of my neighbours are still in bed.
The reason is that i want to be here for a long time and serve more and more people around me.
Find out your reason to do exercise everyday and that reason will inspire you to work hard on your health everyday.
Choose your reason to exercise from following list:
You dream to be more healthier and avoid diseases.
You want to be with your children and family for a very long time.
You want to serve people as long as you can and with a good health you can do it for a long time.
You want to lose weight and look better.
Add your reason here.
Believe me, the day you start exercising you will be more energetic, happy and alive than you are today.

Follow the Diet You Love
Follow the Diet You Love
There is no magic formula you can use to gain or lose your weight.
You will need consistency in your efforts, patience with your results and hardwork to reach your goal.
Don’t make a goal like you have to gain or lose 15-20 Kg weight.
Keep your goals simple and small.
Diet is less about sacrificing your taste and lifestyle and more about having the amount of quality food your body requires.
Ask your personal nutritionist to plan a diet you will be happy for.
Find out how many calories you need?
Eat protein rich food and if you snack between meal meals then have less calories in your meals.
Do not forget to fix your timing for your meals and do not miss it.
I am serious about it.
Sleep Well so You can Heal your Body
Getting a proper sleep is required if you want to take care both your mental and physical health then sleep for 6 to 8 hours everyday.
Our lifestyle has changed completely but you have to find your way to get rest required for your body and mind.
We covered following points in this article.
Getting up early in the morning can help you to improve your health..
Meditation can solve all of your mental health problems and give you the peace you need.
Exercising everyday will lead you to the health you deserve.
Diet plays an important role to achieve your health goals.
I hope this article makes you more aware about your health and gives you the path you need to become as healthy as an athlete.
If you any doubt or suggestion then please leave it in the comment section.
Thank you!


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