4 ways to Grown your Creativity for a Better Mental Health

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Life today has changed a lot as compared to the life our parents have had. It is even more faster, capturing and disturbing to some extent. Our brain remains busy during maximum hours of a day, even while we are sleeping, our subconscious keeps us stressed reminding the issues that are yet to be solved, the accidents we have had and the exhaustion of the day passed. That is the reason that people today do complaint about headaches, lesser sleeping hours, anxiety and depression. Our brain, like a machine, starts working abnormally if we let it be overburdened and that is the dangerous state. Sometimes we are left with no choice but going for a mental therapy to get a better state of mind. But today we are going to offer another solution of your problem which can save you to undergo any therapy and that is Creativity. 
4 ways to Grown your Creativity for a Better Mental Health
Creativity is a limitless ground to which we can work boundlessly. Everything that allows you to create thing out of your available resources using your own ideas is called creativity. The psychological theories have proven that being creative is the best way to keep your mind light and in a better state to start your routine work again. It can be anything e.g. writing, singing, drawing, sketching and painting, planting, crafting, tailoring, knitting etc. Being creative is a promise to stay Healthy and it is a good choice to be creative than to spend thousands of dollars for psychological therapies. We are giving four different ways to grow your creativity in a superb way:  
Be close to Nature: As we have mentioned before, creativity is the best stress reliever. When you keep yourself doing something that is going to show some good results. Planting is a good thing to let you get out of stress as it allows you to get nearer to nature. It is lovely to see your plants growing with each passing day, to water them, to mow the lawn for fresh green fragrance, to stay among the flowers and butterflies and to feel soft and dewy grass beneath your feet. Note: We are adding a little information over here which is relevant to stress relieving topic. Researches show that we have got an ingredient which is easily available in market, that works to relieve stress and keeps you in light mood. Green Coffee Supplements are the best choice for those who are worried about their over weighting issue and stress management problems. It’s a natural herb that works like miracle to release stress and shed extra fats from your body.  
Try to Express yourself Write: Another good way to make you happy and stress free is to pick up a pen and paper, and start writing what you feel about your life, your experiences or your love. Either it is in the form of a poem, or a song, a story or an article. Writing is the best form of creativity in a way that you can also earn through creative writing. But be sure that you are not doing it for money basically, you are just relaxing by sharing your thoughts with others or just composing it in your diary. 
Music is a great mind soother: Listening to music, or singing yourself makes you super calm and it is proven by the mental therapists also that music works like magic to the disturbed people. It is not only pleasant to our sense of hearing, but also a great way to express our feelings. Sometimes when we are over excited with joy and we don’t find a better way to express, music helps a lot. It is also relieving when we are sad and alone. So adding singing and listening music to your daily routine can help a lot to make you even relaxer. 
Play with Colors: You must have noticed that artists are always found in a relaxed posture and they are never formal towards life. Being formal, out of a limit, makes you stressed and disturbed. When you are in a light mood and casual wear, you are relaxed and happy. Try to spend your extra hours with a canvas and your favorite colors. Try drawing something, it is not important to be good at drawing, remember you are just being creative. A simple splash of colors at white canvas can also appeal your creative sense.  
Try to wear the best relaxing dress while painting and avoid mind distractions. Music also accompanies painting to come up with a good result. Creativity can be anything that makes you relax and happy with the result end. If you want your life and health to be pleasant, just reserve one hour or two for your favorite creative activity and you will feel a positive change in your life shortly.


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