4 Exercises to Help Baby Get Stronger

Exercises to Help Baby Get Stronger
Such exercise will keep your baby body and bones strong and help them to grow faster. 
Every baby need a full attention of their parents and also all baby has doing a workout with his little muscles and bones, like if she is moving her legs, twisting when diaper is change or playing with any toy. Also all these things are important for the internally growth of the baby. As well as babies also need a strong muscles to stands on its own legs, for crawling and finally for walking. Also doctors recommended that doing these physical activity have more important for baby than a sleep. Also these exercise will help your baby for personal development and training. 
Baby Get Stronger
Tummy Time For Baby
Newborn baby spend more time laying on the bed, after sometime turn them from his back to stomach will help baby muscles build more strong for example muscles of neck, arms, shoulders, stomach and back bone side, according to the Robert Pantell author of “taking care of your child”. According to the American Academy Assignment Writing Services of Pediatrics, tummy time should start from the baby first day at home from hospital. Do this exercise three to five minutes every day, for that you need to put your baby tummy downward to the blanket and put down on your stomach and at the same time talk, smile, make funny faces, put some toys in front of him and grab baby attention with different things and toys. Doing this your bay able to move muscles which help them to crawl and sitting. May be in the starting baby get angry and starting crying but when you do regularly your child will enjoy. When your baby enjoy Timmy time increase your exercise time about to 20 minutes. Keep doing this exercise until when your baby starting rolling on his own hand. 
tummy time for baby

Sit-Ups for Baby
According to the Steve sanders, author of a book “encouraging physical activity in new born”, say that draw your baby position in a sitting way is also another way to keep your baby muscles strong, like muscles of shoulders, arms and back bone. Also when you dragging your baby then automatically your baby abdomen muscles will bend and helpful to keep your head straight with her body as well as stronger the muscles and create balance to stand out. For sit up exercise you can do to grab your baby arms toward down way for a new born baby. But if your child young and able fix their head then do not use arm for exercise instead of it use shoulders to keep your baby slumping back. This baby exercise will create fun for your baby and become more close to you.
Sit-Ups for baby
Bicycling for Baby
This exercise is very helpful for all babies because it release gas of your baby stomach when you move your baby legs in a cyclic way. Not only it is good and natural method to push gas out from a baby stomach but also good exercise for your baby legs, laps, hips. This exercise will make your baby body flexible and increase movement of the body. Out your baby in a bed and with the help your hands move their legs as you move a bicycle, you can also make some sound while doing this. Repeat this three to four times then take small break and then do again. You can repeat doing this exercise until your baby show interest and feel enjoy.  
Bicycling baby
Weight Lifting for Baby
When your baby pick anything or object it will help your baby grabbing ability as well as enhance coordination of eyes and hand. Also helpful to develop your baby arms, shoulders and hands according to Angela Thacker as a director of regional Gym. When babies are grow about three to four months he/she try to grab different things like their own toys and other small thing which he easily grab in his hands. To do so place small objects in front of your child and involve them to put object then put down and move from one place to another also use hand and face expression by doing this. In the starting you can play with your baby for understanding. Your baby understand in two to three attempts and you can also give something for an appreciation.
Weight Lifting for Baby
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