4 Activities for Improving Children’s Vision

Baby Care
4 Activities for Improving Children's Vision

Help to Baby to Focus

Place toys slightly away from the baby (8 to 12 inches) to help them focus. This is the great exercise for the eye muscles.

Hang Colorful Toys Around

You may hand a colorful mobile or rattle on the crib or play gym of the baby and watch how your baby tries to kick it and grab it.

Give Bright Toys to Baby

Hand over some bright and colorful toys to your baby to see and feel it.

To Talk While You Are Out Of Sight

Walk around the room while talking to your baby. As babies always want mommies to be in sight, the will follow you with their gaze and this also improves vision.

Develop Hand-Eye Coordination

Show your baby his favorite toy and place it away from the baby. Now make him crawl and reach for the toy. This helps to develop hand-eye coordination.


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