Monday, 26 November 2018®: Data Done Right® is changing the data industry for the better. The company creates tools that are useful to any business that uses data as a part of its operations. Sales leads, email lists, consumer lists, and business lists are among its most popular products. While the business of providing data services certainly isn't a new concept,® has been in business since 2010. Founded by Vin Gupta,® has grown substantially over the years. It’s some of the most valuable data money can buy. 

One of the most popular products® offers is consumer lists, a comprehensive database of 245 million people. The information is also run through a validation process prior to being released. Whether you need current home values, income information, credit-driven lists, or property values,® has the capacity to provide you with the information you need. 

New homeowner lists are another favorite of companies that cater to those who need products and services after relocating. These lists are especially helpful for professional and medical services, such as attorneys and chiropractors. Dry cleaners, daycares, insurance agents, and many other service providers can find the customers that are most likely to utilize these services. These lists are also highly specialized. You can select a certain home value, neighborhood, income level, credit score range, and more.® offers executive database services with over 22 million listings. These lists are especially helpful to those who market to businesses. You can choose from thousands of selections including but not limited to: names, income, business data, titles, phone numbers, emails plus much more. Getting through directly to the decision maker is a huge advantage in business marketing. Those who don't use data-driven leads often find themselves chasing after the wrong person or are halted by the gatekeeper. You'll be able to focus on selling rather than working excessively for mediocre results. Additional services can even help you find addresses and phone numbers for your contacts. This is an excellent way to make initial contact with a follow-up by phone.® even offers an email marketing startup kit so you can launch a great campaign at a low introductory price.® also offers data analytics services. This is especially helpful for any business that needs to keep up-to-date on buying trends and customer demographics. Many times, money is sunk into advertising to the wrong demographic and focusing on the wrong products.® analyzes your business data and provides reports on where your customers are coming from and what they're interested in buying. You'll also be able to purchase data cleansing services to remove any duplicate or non-pertinent information. This also helps you avoid unnecessary contact with non-prospects.® takes pride in performing services that offer a comprehensive solution to all of your database needs.® has been offering many promotions recently. Often, you'll be able to try out a mailing list at no charge, this way you can see the data quality for yourself. This gives you an opportunity to inspect and implement the information to see if it works for your business needs. A simple online inquiry form is all you need to get started with the free list offer. There's also valuable information that highlights the company’s products and services in much more detail. A blog is also incorporated into the website. The blog provides many valuable articles that give a great overview of market trends, business news, and information for data consumers. Visit their website to see what® has to offer you.

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