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4 Home Remedies For Treating Nose Bleeding

Nosebleeds, medically known as epistaxes, are an exceptionally regular issue. The inward nose is loaded with small veins and is a standout amongst the most touchy parts of the body. At the point when these vessels get aggravated, blood begins spilling out of the nostril, or here and there both nostrils.

The draining can be light or overwhelming and can last from a few moments to over 10 minutes. On occasion, indications like unsteadiness, shortcoming, perplexity and blacking out may go with a nosebleed. 

Anybody can get a nosebleed, however they are most normal among youngsters ages 2 through 10 and grown-ups ages 50 through 80. 

Nosebleeds can be because of various causes. Dry air, which dries out the nasal films, is the most widely recognized cause. 

Others incorporate regular nose blowing, presentation to compound aggravations, hypersensitive responses, a harm to the nose, rehashed sniffling, over the top warmth, high heights, hard scratching or picking the nose, liquor manhandle, intemperate smoking and taking extensive dosages of headache medicine. 

4 Home Remedies For Treating Nose Bleeding

Nosebleeds can likewise be brought on by dietary insufficiency, hormonal changes amid pregnancy, upper respiratory diseases, hypertension, blood coagulating disarranges and malignancy. 

In spite of the fact that terrifying, nosebleeds are not a major issue. The vast majority can deal with the issue effortlessly with the assistance of some straightforward and simple home cures.


Extremely hot and cold conditions lead to nose bleeding in babies and children. A Nose bleed can occur at any age, children between the ages of 2-10 are most susceptible to it. The blood vessels inside the nose are very delicate and can rupture easily but you need not panic.

Introduction Nose Bleeding

Press Ice

Sit upright and press a few cubes of ice wrapped in a cloth, on the nose.
The cold temperature shrinks the blood vessels of the nasal passage and this slow down the flow of blood.
Press Ice for Nose Bleeding

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice has a very amount of vitamin C and it helps to toughen the blood capillaries inside the nose.
The cold temperature shrinks the vessels of the nasal passage and this slow down the flow of blood.
Lemon Juice

Basil Water

Squeeze the water from a few basil leaves and apply 1-2 drops on each nostril.
Tulsi is one of the most effective medicinal herbs of India and it acts as a tonic for the nerves of the nose.

Rinse with Saline Water

Saline water is very helpful for clearing a blocked nose.
You can rinse the nose with saline water to get rid of any blockage. 

Causes of Nose Bleeding

injuries on the nose
Inhalation of ammonia
Nasal Surgery
Allergies and irritation in the nose
Due to anti-inflammatory medicines
Blockage of the Nasal
Picking the nose vigorously
Nasal infections
Change in One's altitude

Symptoms of nose bleeding

Swelling inside the nose and cheeks
Sensation of a fluid in the nose and throat.
Reddish brown colored mucus inside the nose.

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