15 Minutes To Better Self-Care

Self-Care is the act of talking care of yourself. It dose not need to be complicated or time consuming. Try these 8 ideas that will take 15 Minutes or less.
15 Minutes To Better Self-Care
Just about any type of reading will fit the bill-books, magazines, blogs, whatever! As long as it’s not reading that causes you stress. It counts as self-care.
2. Go Outside
If you are able to walk, a short stroll can clear your head, allow you to enjoy nature and get you out into a refreshed place. If you can not walk, sitting outside and enjoy the day is a great choice.
Go Outside
3. Call A Friend
Texting, emailing and instant massaging have become all to common. Take the time to call some who helps you feel good and who will brighten your day.
Call A Friend
4. Color
There is fantastic new trands of adult coloring books. Coloring can act to calm you down and clear your mind as you focus on the task at hand.
5. Listen To Music
Choose music that you enjoy, it can be music that energizes you, relaxes you, inspires you, It dose not matte. Take the time to focus on the music and enjoy the time to yourself.
Listen To Music
6. Practice Mindfulness
Sit in a comfortable position and focus on your breathing. When thoughts enter your mind, left them pass through without judgement and refocus on your breathing. When you practice mindfulness on a regular basis you will likely notice feeling more calm in your daily life.
Practice Mindfulness
7. Take a Nap
When you care not getting enough sleep it’s almost impossible to be at your best. Many moms know that getting a good night’s sleep is a challenge. Take the time to add your sleep bank.
8. Think Positively
With everything you have going on, it may be hard to be positive. However, by working to feel better and are not as focused on the challenges.


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