15 Home Remedies for Monsoon Diseases in Babies

Monsoon Diseases in Babies
In every season, people tend to suffer from hundreds of different types of diseases. Some of these are seasonal and can be cured without any medical attention while others can be deadly so an immediate treatment may be required.

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15 Home Remedies for Monsoon Diseases in Babies
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While diseases are common in every age group, it is proven that children and especially babies tend to suffer from diseases more often due to a weak immune system. When it comes to monsoon diseases, babies are highly likely to be affected because these diseases are widespread during monsoon season. 
Experts of Assignment Writing Service Australia claim that a lot of students suffer from monsoon diseases with dengue, viral fever, cold and conjunctivitis being the most common ones. While every individual regardless of age and gender must use preventative measures against monsoon diseases, babies require extra care. 
They cannot take care of themselves and therefore suffer from monsoon diseases more than anyone else. You must be aware of the fact that monsoon diseases are to be taken seriously but most of the diseases can be cured using home remedies.

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Home remedies are amazing if they work because firstly, you do not have to consume any drug or follow a medication routine to recover and secondly, it saves you from a lot of medical and pharmacy bills. Following are 15 most efficient home remedies to cure monsoon diseases in babies:
1. Feed Them Fresh Orange Juice: 
One of the most common monsoon diseases is dengue and it can prove to be dangerous for babies. Fresh orange juice is an ideal mixture of antioxidants and vitamins which is effective in fighting dengue fever. Furthermore, orange juice can help in digestion and increasing antibodies so feeding it frequently to babies could be a great idea.

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Feed Them Fresh Orange Juice

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2. Extract of Papaya and Neem Leaves: 

Another home remedy which is probably the strongest of all is to feed your baby’s the extract of papaya and Neem leaves. This natural potion may not have the best taste out there but it surely plays an important role in curing monsoon diseases, especially dengue. It also helps increase the platelet count in body.

Extract of Papaya and Neem Leaves

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3. Use Of Repellents And Products: 

A major cause of monsoon diseases like dengue is mosquito bite. Mosquito’s are dangerous especially for babies who have a weak immune system. Therefore, you should always use mosquito repellent products in your house and in your baby’s room, light a coil before making your baby sleep in their room and cover babies with mosquito net if need be so they can sleep in peace.
Use Of Repellents And Products

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4. Consumption of Turmeric Milk: 

One of the best home remedies that you might already have heard of is the consumption of turmeric milk. This liquid is the solution to a lot of diseases, especially the monsoon ones. Feeding your babies a glass of turmeric milk, or even half a glass since it does not taste great, can help them fight against monsoon diseases. 
Consumption of Turmeric Milk

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5. Consumption of Tulsi Leaves: 

Tulsi leaves have been popular since many years for being a home remedy that always works. For adults, consuming three to four leaves every day can improve your immune system and can enable you to overcome viral fever and cold. The dose should be lower in case of babies because over consumption is unhealthy. 
Consumption of Tulsi Leaves

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6. Ginger Consumption: 

Adding to the list of items that babies can consume to fight monsoon diseases, ginger is an excellent remedy. While it may not be easy for your baby to consume a small piece of ginger, somehow get them to eat it because it is said to be a natural antibiotic and strengthens immunity.
Ginger Consumption

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7. Drink a Lot of Water

The easiest remedy that requires literally no effort at all is to drink a lot of water. Staying hydrated means that you already prevented a large number of diseases from showing up so make your baby drink water after every few minutes. It might be the only item whose excess consumption is not harmful.

Drink a Lot of Water

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8. Hot Beverages Can Keep Your Babies Warm: 

Tea and coffee might not be your baby’s everyday consumption items but it is advisable to feed them hot beverages including coffee, tea and soups. This helps keeping baby body warm and cure cold and other similar monsoon diseases. Just make sure that the liquid is not extra hot.
Hot Beverages Can Keep Your Babies Warm

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9. Look Out for Stagnant Water Inside or Around Your House: 

Dengue mosquito’s are usually found on stagnant water so an important home remedy is to look out for stagnant water nearby and cleaning it as soon as possible. Water can gather anywhere due to multiple reasons so do not let the mosquito’s arrive in the first place.
Look Out for Stagnant Water Inside or Around Your House

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10. Constant Use of Baby Care Cleansing Products: 

Babies might not be able to go to the washroom and wash their hands after every few hours. This becomes a major cause behind monsoon diseases and so you must ensure cleanliness of babies at all times. Keep in mind that babies may randomly put their hand in their mouth!
Constant Use of Baby Care Cleansing Products

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11. Neem Leaves Bath: 

In order to fight viral infections, an effective home remedy is to boil neem leaves and give your baby a bath from that water. This might be a better option than consuming neem leaves extract because of the taste. 
Neem Leaves Bath

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12. A Glass of Cinnamon Water: 

Malaria is another dangerous monsoon disease that can be cured in babies by feeding them cinnamon boiled water with some pepper powder and honey in it for taste. A week’s consumption will surely bring your malaria fever down.
A Glass of Cinnamon Water

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13. Make Sure the House is Clean And Dry: 

Damp walls can lead to asthma among children because they usually attract fungus. So keep the walls clean and dry if you wish to cure, or prevent, asthma in your babies. Additionally, use antiseptic liquids to clean the floor because dirty floor can also result in monsoon diseases among babies. 
Make Sure the House is Clean And Dry

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14. Avoid Baby’s Contact with First Rain of the Season: 

The first monsoon rain is said to be acidic and hence significant reduction in body temperature can lead to monsoon diseases in children immediately. So while it is advisable to protect babies from every rain, the first one should definitely be avoided.
Avoid Baby’s Contact with First Rain of the Season

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15. Lukewarm Water Bath: 

Cough, cold, flu and similar monsoon diseases can be cured or at least minimized if you give your babies a bath in lukewarm water. This maintains body temperature to an ideal level thereby reducing the emergence of monsoon diseases.
Lukewarm Water Bath

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While these home remedies are the most popular ones, there are dozens of other remedies that can work for babies. Medical treatment might not always be the best option for children because lesser the drugs, the better it is for babies.

However, you are strongly advised to not rely on home remedies. If you feel like the symptoms are increasing despite the remedies, immediately consult your doctor.

Home remedies are also considered to be a kind of a treatment, the only difference being that it does not involve any drugs or surgeries. Therefore, there is no fear of side effects as well. Nevertheless, you must ensure that babies do not over consume anything.

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