10 Ways to Keep Your Hair Every Shiny and Healthy

Keep Your Hair Every Shiny and Healthy
Can hair look ashy? Well, yes it can! And, most of you are probably struggling with not-so-shiny and unhealthy looking hair. All is not lost: betakecare.com will provide you with thousands of tips that will leave your hair looking like that of Victoria’s Secrets models.
Do not be afraid of jumping right into the salty ocean water, get tanned and sweat a little. The following tricks will help you get your hair back its shiny luster and health.

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1. Wash Your Hair Right
As most of you may be reluctant to admit, you do not know how to wash your hair the right way. If you do not give it the wash it desires, there is no way that it will give you a look that you want. Giving your hair the right wash entails a somewhat unconventional procedure, as opposed to just applying shampoo, washing, and rinsing.
Wash Your Hair Right
A more effective procedure is starting by rinsing your hair before applying any form of lather. It is only after this that you are allowed to use a shampoo (the right one!) and give your scalp a good massage. After that, you are allowed to rinse your hair starting from the bottom, to the middle then finally the ends (water flowing of course).
Do not forget to apply a conditioner and allow it to settle for a couple of minutes then give your hair a final rinse. Pat-dry your hair using a dry towel. Note that your hair is more vulnerable when wet and applying pressure to it will only cause damage.

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2. Replace Shimmering Sprays With Argan Oil
Do not get way too addicted to shortcuts. Most of you are probably unto the idea of a quick, sparkling spray and just like that your hair receives the gloss. However, it is wiser to invest in argan oil. Argan oil is a natural way of improving your hair’s shine and its texture, and will at no point cause your hair any harm. Meanwhile, most of the hairsprays contain a mineral known as mica that, yes, will give you short-term results and rip away your hair’s natural shine.
Replace Shimmering Sprays With Argan Oil
Again, do not overdo it. Otherwise, your hair will end up being too oily and look thin as a result of being weighed down.
3. Omega -3 Fatty Acids
Not only will you keep Alzheimer’s disease at bay, but you will also earn your hair a perfect shine.
Omega -3 Fatty Acids
Some of the foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids include salmon, mackerel, sardine and egg York. Another creative way of consuming the fatty acids is through Caesar salad dressing. Grab yourself some and forever enjoy the sheen.

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4. Heat-Activated Products
What are heat activated products? These are hair products that, will protect your hair from the wrath of the heat coming from blow-dryers. Especially if you are fond of flat ironing, blow drying or curling your hair on a regular.
Heat-Activated Products
The heat mostly leaves your hair dry and brittle, making the shaft weak. Eventually, it will lead to breakage and less-glossy hair. However, as you embark on using heat-resistant products, it is vital that you consult your stylist on products that best suit your hair type.

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5. Make Use Of Dry Shampoo
Well, it should not be as often as the regular shampoo. Sometimes your hair collects too much dirt and grease that it ends up looking dull no matter how much you wash it. The trick is using a clarifying or dry shampoo.
Make Use Of Dry Shampoo
Dry shampoo will help you clear all the unwanted secretion and dirt that you collect on your way to and fro work. And, the main reason you are being advised not to put it into use a little bit too much is that it may also clear the natural oils and your hair will end up being even drier and less glossy.
It is wise to consult your stylist if your hair has gone through processing such as dying. A clarifying shampoo could wash away the dye too!

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6. Avoid The Rough, Stiff Hair Brushes
Take your time, and if need be extra coins to find a natural-bristle brush. Not only will the rough ones lead to hair loss, but they also drain the oils in your hair leaving it looking dull. A good boar-hair brush, for instance, will help to distribute the oils in your hair evenly, and also add some volume to your hair. Kill two birds with one stone!
Avoid The Rough, Stiff Hair Brushes

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7. Vitamin E
If you haven’t, you should give a vitamin A massage into your scalp a shot. Of what significance is it? First off, vitamin E boosts the circulation of blood to the scalp, which means that the hair follicles get more oxygen and nourishment which translates to growth of healthy hair. Also, ingestion of vitamin E promotes the growth of hair.
Vitamin E
Massaging oils containing vitamin E will more so make your hair stronger, shinier and healthier.

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8. Glossing Conditioner
Do you feel that you already have too many products in line waiting to be stuffed on your hair? Well, you can get two birds killed in a round. Remember that you need to condition your hair every time you have it washed. Why not invest in a single product that will serve two functions? Both conditioning your hair and giving it a sheen.
Glossing Conditioner
During your next visit to the hair product store, pay attention to the product description and pick a conditioner that also has a ‘shine’ label on it. The glossing conditioner is increasingly gaining popularity in online stores: it must be for a good reason.
Also, before you purchase a new product, you could go through the reviews to have a clue about how it is working out for other people too.

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9. Leave Some Conditioner If You Have Curly Hair
You must admit that curly hair can get a little stubborn, especially when it comes to combing it. In as much as combing plays a significant role in distributing oils in your hair, you could end up doing your curly hair more harm than good.
Curly Hair
The catch is to leave some conditioner in your hair after washing it so that you soften it for easy combing. Try as much as you can to comb it while wet. Also, rubbing in some gel and leaving it to dry with it will help you come a long way in keeping your curly hair glossy at all times.
10. Shine – Boosting Mask
Last but not least, you could still give your hair some love in your sleep: literally. An overnight cover is the key. Do not let the fancy name make it sound complicated.
Shine - Boosting Mask
A shine-boosting over-night mask is as simple as using coconut oil. How? All you need to do is massage it from your roots to the ends of the strands, pull it back (you do not want the oil smearing all over your face, especially if you have sensitive skin), place something like a towel on your pillow to avoid staining your pillow and have your beauty sleep.

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Rest assured that you will wake up with a glow! The morning procedure is not complicated either; you will shampoo your hair and earn your lasting gloss!
Make the tips your routine, and you shall never again complain about dull hair!

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